We offer a suite of products, services and solutions to enable you to reach your research goals.

Quantitative Survey Sample

We can send our B-to-B respondents to your online survey. Just let us know your target audience and survey requirements and will query our database of skilled professionals to find the right respondents for your research.

Qualitative Recruit

We can recruit and schedule our skilled professional respondents to participate in your in-depth interviews for your qualitative research projects.


午夜宫在线中文字幕,午夜宫Our robust Decipher survey platform allows us to easily program and host survey with ease as well as seamlessly connect it to our myCLEARopinon Panel of professionals giving you the powerful survey tool you need as well as access to our skilled respondents.

Clear Seas Research is a full service marketing research supplier offering solutions designed to provide business decision-makers in construction, food & beverage, packaging, security, manufacturing, and gaming industries, with the information required to succeed in business.

Clear Seas Research has a robust offering of Syndicated Research results with a variety of reports available within Architecture, Engineering & Construction, Food & Beverage, Gaming & Hospitality, Manufacturing, Mechanical Systems, Packaging, Safety and Security.